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Liburnicon – SF & fantasy festival that gathers fans of science fiction, fantasy, advanced sciences, history and mythology, and offers educational and entertainment contents, such as lectures, board games, children workshops, cosplay competiton, quizzes, tournaments, concerts and original Liburnicon games.





Opatija Coffeehouse Debates – presentations on current political, scientific and philosophical topics, accompanied by comprehensive discussions with the purpose of encouraging young people to think critically and become informed about relevant current issues.




Former projects: 

Li1939829_1547462398817321_6319215455046798887_nburnian Tabletop Day – one-day entertainment and educational event that promotes social games and everything those games provide – from laughter and fun to developing intellectual and social skills.




International Fairy Day – june 24th, the childhood and fairy tales celebration day. On this day, the famous Opatija park Angiolina becomes an enchanted place of fairy tales, legends and myths, and provides an opportunity for children and all other lovers of fairy tales and fiction to celebrate this imaginative day.



School of magic creativity – four half-day programs for children aged 5-12 years that include creative workshops and games with the purpose of encouraging logical reasoning and the development of motor and cognitive abilities in children.