Association Kulturni front


The Association „Kulturni front“ was founded in 2002. in Opatija, by several young enthusiasts. The idea developed when, without the opportunity to express ourselves in any way we realised the lack of possibilities for ourselves and other young people in the region.

Although each of us had their own vision on what to do to change things, we found common points of interest and agreed on the following activity goals:

  1. Breathe life back into Opatija through concerts, art and cultural events of all kinds;
  2. Promotion of all forms of cultural (musical, theatrical and artistic) creativity and active care in achieving cultural, social and other interests of the citizens, especially youth;
  3. Protection of human rights and development of human freedoms; equality of the sexes; awakening ecological consciousness and protection of nature and the environment, protection of animal rights; rejection of violence and development of nonviolent methods; connection and cooperation with other civil, cultural, artistic and similar groups, both in Croatia and worldwide.

Association for development of youth culture „Kulturni front“ has around 70 members, mostly highschool and university studends.

Some of the programs we have organized over the years and will continue to organise in the future are: „Little school of Fantasy“, a pilot project of creative workshops in cooperation with highschools in Opatija, coorganization of festival Op. Art Quisisana (since 2006) in Opatija, free workshops of elementary informatic literacy for the inhabitants of Tošina, alternative library project, organization of round table discussions and public debates, lectures, futsal tournaments and similar entertainment and cultural projects. Fans of tabletop gaming gather at Liburnian Tabletop Day, and we also offer content for preschool and elementary school children such as Fairy Day. Our greatest project is certainly the Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival Liburnicon.

The Association cooperates with a number of other associations, institutions and organizations such as “Komitet”, “Crta”, “Ventil”, “Moji Ičići”, “Albus” Pazin, “3. Zmaj” Rijeka, Society “Naša djeca” Opatija, ICEJ Opatija and others.

The goals of the Association are promotion of all kinds of cultural (musical, theatrical and artistic) creativity and active care in achieving cultural, social and other interests of citizens, especially youth.

About the Association:

  • Association for development of youth culture “Kulturni front”
  • Address: M. Tita 42, 51410 Opatija
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  • OIB: 71642994312